Man sues Mcdonalds over photos

In Fayettville Arkansas a man, Phillip Sherman is suing Mcdonalds over nude pictures of his wife on the Internet. Phillip Sherman had taken nude pictures of his wife with his cell phone. The mistake he made was that he did not delete them before arriving at Mcdonalds for a meal unfortunately he accidentally left his phone behind when he exited. The phone was then found by someone unaware of the contents. But they we’re in for a surprise. Apparently once they found the photos they uploaded them on the Internet and as we all know; once you post a picture on the Internet there’s no taking it back, everyone can see it.

Now Mr. and Mrs. Sherman are suing Mcdonalds for a reported $3 million! Your probably wondering how that worked out. Well when he misplaced in July he was assured the employees would find it and keep it safe until he returned to claim it. Obviously that was not the case. So now Phillip and Tina Sherman are directing the blame on the employees of Mcdonalds. They’re including the total costs of embaressment, suffering and moving to a new home. So the moral of this story? If you take nude photos of your spouse make sure to keep them safe or they might just end up on the Internet.

3 Responses

  1. This is stupid. It is the mans fault not McDonalds, if you keep your stuff secure then there would have not be a problem. Stop trying to make a quick mil and even your move would not get you away from the internet.

  2. Me- I totally agree with you. probably just trying to milk all they can out of it.

  3. What the hell!?!?! Of course, it’s not McDonald’s fault.
    And why the heck did that guy left his phone? He is just really dumb for leaving his phone in McDonalds… He should have took care of his belongings.

    All I can say, McDonald’s shouldn’t pay that millions because it’s not their fault…

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