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Things have changed

Venting: Whats going on in your life lately? Problems? Successes? Well today is the day to just lay it all out and take a deep breathe.

I know when I get pissed, dissapointed, depressed, angry, happy; whatever it helps to vent and just say what is thats happening or happened. Just leave a comment. Let your voice be heard. Whether politics or life just let it all out.


2 Responses

  1. lately ive been feeling like my opinion doesnt matter…

  2. I hate it all. There is so much drama, and I can no longer tell if someone is ignoring me or just has better things to do. My friend hates me, and makes me want to die. There’s no one I can tell, because my friends all get mad at me if i complain. Often I think that my boyfriend, whom I love and adore, will dump me, because i complain to him so much. Still, he’s the only one that pretends to listen at all. My best friend lives over 100 miles away, and has begun to do drugs. There’s nothing I can do. I’m starting to have trouble trusting people because everyone can’t handle me being anything but happy. I really want someone to talk to, because I need someone out there to reassure me that I have a reason to stick with it, and that they’ll love me no matter what.

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