You might wanna consider becoming a vegetarian. Admittedly I am not a vegetarian but this video makes a strong impression.

A few mad rants

Thanksgiving break is over and Christmas is on the way. All around Christmas decorations are rising, shiny sparkling bulbs surround ornate trees. Parcels line the  bottom of my tree as well.

Only one thing is bugging me: Lately people and their immaturity is getting on my nerves. I mean everyone is being so whack, and what’s up with the texting language? Thirteen years on the earth and some teenagers still cannot spell. Hmm.  I like the T9 option for most phones, it makes everything a bit easier.

But back to immaturity. Politics to shopping, immaturity is there. Why, just recently, shoppers were so set on getting their little gifts that they killed a man in a rampage. I mean really!? (Forgive the irony, but it enhances my point). And this person who was the first is going to get punished? There were hundreds of people behind him. Police can’t possibly charge him can they? 

Another thing: Mockery. These days kids are on each others backs like never before. Sure all of us get annoyed and let something rude slip once and awhile, but going out of your way for no reason to make someone’s life miserable is just sad. That means your life sucks so much that you have to make others lives terrible to feel an ounce of sureness. It’s either that or the person thinks they are better then the victim; and this is ridiculous, we are all human. All imperfect in different ways, in this we are the same. 

The world would be a better place if we could grow up and start acting our age. Treating each other as equals. I’m not asking for something that cannot happen, such as world peace (I hope to write on that topic later) just a little gratitude.