Shocking Personality

I attend advanced advanced science class. This week we had an electric opportunity. Our teacher brought in a device called a Ven De Graffe generator like the one shown in the picture; though it was a bit less sinister looking. He let us each take turns putting our hands on it, so that our hair stood on end. Unlike most others, I however, was eager to put my hand near it and get shocked. It was a lot of fun. A bolt would shoot out and make contact with your skin. It’s static electricity so it’s not a constant flow, and therefore doesn’t present much danger. As I said we did this for a number of days. I don’t know why but electric experiments tend to bring our class closer together for a short period. Hmmm perhaps it stimulates our brains to a state of euphoria. Maybe I should publish that into a theory! Anyway today we did it and I took part in a number of experiments. Once I got my fingertips wet and put my hand over the generator. The cool thing was it wasn’t dripping it started to form tips on my fingers! For another I put one hand on the generator and another on chairs bolt and had a kid touch another part of the chair, whaddaya¬†know it shocked him. I put my head near it and got shocked. I even shocked my tongue! I must sound like a maniac. I’m perfectly sane, I promise. This activity brought me closer to my friends as I stated before. But trust me this act is not for the squeamish. If your standing anywhere near it you ¬†can get shocked. Its in the very air. So if you partake in an electric experiment don’t be afraid if your friend shocks you it might just be an “accident”. If you stand near it long enough you build up a charge and act as a temporary extension of the devices electricity so the first time you touch something metal you’ll get a small shock. Don’t worry it wears off. Overall this was a really fun science experiment.