Former corrections officer sentenced to life


Everett George

Everett George


Former corrections officer Everett George  was sentenced to life imprisonment Monday.  He was convicted of murdering  his two children: Dominick a 12 year old boy and Kristina, a 1 year old girl. George maced Middleton as  she opened the door to leave. Everette entered the apartment and shot Dominick in the heart and executed Kristina as she sat in her high chair.

George Everett had worked as a corrections officer at  Rikers Island for year but quit in 1998. When he reapplied in 2000 he was fired just days into training.

Middleton, wearing a shirt with her children’s names and pictures testified saying “He would have killed her too, had his gun not jammed when he pointed it at her.

 “Your intentions were to annihilate my whole family, but God intervened.

–Tishaun Middleton

 George Goltzer, Everett’s defensive lawyer argued the  pre-sentencing report that depicted  Everett as a “Charles Manson-type figure.

He said “Mr George is not a “Charles Manson.” He is a man who suffers from a mental illness.”

Goltzer argued that George was afflicted by “extreme mental disturbance when he killed Dominick who was autistic, and Kristina who was nicknamed cookie.

Goltzer stated ‘This is the saddest case I have ever seen, and I have been doing this for a very long time”

George was hoping for a sentence of 20 years to life, But even as  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro sentenced him  to the hardest legal punishment  possible he still maintained an expressionless demeanor.

I don’t want you to be able to inflict this kind of pain on anyone else” said Middleton. “Now my children Dominick and Kristina, can rest in peace for what you have done to them.


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