Why you should buy a G1 from T-mobile

The new G1 or Google Phone has been launched! The G1 is a breed of it’s own, and should not be considered the same class as the I-phone. With it’s Price checking capability and QWERTY keyboard it is a whole new class. Starting costs for this delectable phone begin at $175 for T-mobile customers others however, must pay a total of $400 big ones. It seems like a high price to pay but trust me once you see whats under the hood you will agree it is well worth your money. Plus it will take the place of all those bulky devices, so less to worry about. I’ll start with the most basic features (I’ll explain what each does for the phone challenged ). Okay to start, the appearance may not be all that appealing underneath, but don’t judge a phone by it’s cover. The G1 comes equipped with both a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, but don’t worry it won’t take up any extra space all you need to do is slide the screen up and “whala” you may text away. 

  • Built in 3.2 mega pixel camera = leave your bulky camera at home
  • IM, Email and texting
  • Built in touch screen and QWERTY keyboard= unlike the IPhone instead of worrying about your big thumbs handicapping your texting capabilities; just slide up the screen and “whala” text away.
  • YouTube videos= so you can watch your favorite videos on the go!
  • Music player
  • 1Gigabyte memory card included!= your saving about $20.00 right there
  • Customizable home screen= no need to worry about spending a half an hour looking for something
  • One touch google search= just type in your search and go (no need to open a browser)

 Then there’s my personal favorites:

  • Google maps street view= if you think your lost just look check your G1 and it will give your the view of the street and where to go.
  • Price Scanning= for all you raved shoppers out there this means less time going from isle to isle, store to store checking for the best bargain. All you need to do is go to the scanner  option and hold it under the camera for a second or two and it list the prices and what is the best bargain for you!
  • Android market= that means you can download the most popular apps, just a touch away. Find whatever you need; from games, to on-the-go shopping. And there’s no need to hook up to your computer you do it all wirelessly and on-the-go. For all the tech-savvy out there, there are  new apps available almost every day!

So what are you waiting for go get yourself a G1 Phone now! Only a fool would deny themselves this much fun.